we are butterflies
earth is our chrysalis

From the fast pace neighbourhood of Central Jakarta, two lively establishment of modern contemporary design strike through the metropolitan sky. Complemented with original artworks from 5 local emerging artist, ARTOTEL Wahid Hasyim is an ideal choice for urban persona who want to get around the capital at ease or modern shopper who wants to go to Tanah Abang, the biggest textile market in Southeast Asia.


Highlighting Urban Culture Issue, Cityscape, and Lifestyle, our curated artists translate the metamorphosis of Jakarta into exceptional artworks that stand in vivid colors, monochromatic theme, 3d presentations, and narrative visuals.


The fresh and hip melting pot, where everybody is accepted and well treated. Full on entertainment with live band & DJ, and touch of art that displays masculinity, Bang Bang is the place where you want to be, to have a great time. Drink, Drunk, Make Mistake, and Apology!



Jl. K.H. Wahid Hasyim No.135-137
Central Jakarta 10240
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