Tedhak Siten: Celebrating The Ever Growing Little Human

Valid until January 2020

Babies’ growth are irreversible! Parents shall be there to guide and cherish every milestones. The bundles of joy are only 7 month old for once and Javanese culture has a special way to celebrate this occasion through Tedhak Siten.

Also known as Turun Tanah which literally means to set foot on earth. Setting foot on earth means to become independent and to lead a successful life. These are not easy tasks as the kids will face various challenges in life. But! Tedhak Siten is also here to remind that after every hardships, will come ease. So heartwarming!

Don’t miss out on your babies’ milestones, celebrate their 7 month of life by holding Tedhak Siten at ARTOTEL Surabaya. It’s hassle free!


Ph: 031 568 9000

WA: 0811 311 7981

IG: ARTOTEL Surabaya



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