Nge’GAS-Wedding Package by ARTOTEL Surabaya

Valid until June 2020

Nge’GAS by ARTOTEL Surabaya

(Nge Ganti StAtus)

Seorang Bijak bernama B.J. Habibie pernah berkata:
Masa lalu saya adalah milik saya.
Masa lalu kamu adalah milik kamu.
Tapi masa depan adalah milik kita.
Mulailah masa depan indah dengan Nge GAS di ARTOTEL Surabaya,
Special intimate Wedding Package!
karena Ganti Status tak perlu WAH yang penting SAH,
juga tak perlu ribuan orang yang hadir!
asal cukup Kamu, Dia, Keluarga, Sahabat, Negara dan ARTOTEL Surabaya jadi saksi cinta kalian.
HANYA mulai dari 20.020.000++
A wise man named B.J. Habibie once said:
My past is mine.
Your past is yours.
But the future is our
Start your bright future with your love ones with Nge’ GAS by ARTOTEL Surabaya!
Special Intimate Wedding Package is here!
since change status from single to be married is not about getting 1000 people coming to the party but
as long as there are A Groom, A Bride,  Families, Friends, State and ARTOTEL Surabaya as witness nothing else matters!
Only from 20.020.000++ get your wedding day book now!
  • 100 pax Buffet
  • Free Flow Ice Tea / Flavor Tea
  • Wedding Day Gown
  • Wedding Day Make up
  • Wedding Cake
  • Band
  • MC
  • Standard Decor
WA 0811 311 7981
Call 031 568 9000


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