PRERAI ANYAR Art Exhibition with Bali Local Artists

Art Exhibition

Prerai Anyar Art Exhibition

ARTOTEL Sanur Bali presents Prerai Anyar art exhibition with artists from Bali, Swoofone, and Donik Dangin. These two artists tell about the history of a village called Denpasar. The starting place where tourists anchored. And a place where people have a livelihood as fishermen such as their Dad. On that basis, Swoofone and Donik had the idea to work with the fishing group Astitining Segara to re-tell the story through images on three wooden jukung owned by Pak Gedo, one of the members of the fishing group. This exhibition starts from June 9 until July 15, 2021.

art exhibition at Artotel Sanur from June 9 till July 15, 2021
Prerai Anyar Art Exhibition at Artotel Sanur by Bali Local artists
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