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Yogyakarta and its MODERN EVENTS

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The city is still eager to preserve its culture and architecture passionately, as the olden breeze from the past definitely still apparent. All these local traditions are still relevant to nowadays modern festival that is happening and the enthusiasm does still hit the roof. Talking about modern festivals that are happening, you might want to visit Yogyakarta to see the talk of the town.

Starting with:

1. ART|JOG, the biggest and annual Indonesian Contemporary Art Exhibition in Yogyakarta.

2. Waisak Borobudur Lantern Festival, annual lantern festival to celebrate birthday of Buddha by setting-off thousands of thousands lantern to the sky.

3. The last but not least would be Prambanan Jazz Festival, which held annually in Prambanan temple, featuring international and local musicians.

To sum-up the whole thing, now in Yogyakarta, you can find yourself in the middle of old civilizations with its preserved local culture and at the same time having fun with the modern international events that Yogyakarta has to offer. So what are you waiting for? Book your flight and see the magical events.

All these events can be enjoyed with your stay at ARTOTEL Yogyakarta. Where the hotel is a destination itself, to feel the locality, from the human resources to the delicacies served at the hotel.

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