#valentines #loveyourself

Society shapes what we think, see, and perceive about what Valentine is supposed to be. Tons of red roses, fancy dinner, and gifts! We’d say it’s classic. Seeing crowded public places and they are all using sequences of Pink decoration to celebrate and show that they took-part on one of the most celebrated loving day in the world. But, are we still that generation that think of Valentine in such a conservative way?

ARTOTEL says ‘’ #UnstereotypeValentine’’

ARTOTEL came up with #UnstereotypeValentine, a light campaign to remind society that the most decent value of Valentine is not about those over the top celebration as mentioned above but the way you cherish it. ARTOTEL created blunt and straight-forward visuals, showing that the so-called perfect Valentine comes in many ways and celebrations. Be with whoever you want, whether it’s your friends, family, other half, or just by yourself and celebrate Valentine the way YOU WISH FOR, despite what society thinks you should do. Appealing visual is one thing that pleases your eyes but ones companion is what matter the most.



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