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Have you ever thought about extending your trip when you were staying at a hotel before? Well now it is possible with ARTOTEL GROUP, we want you to have an unforgettable experience, but if we could have you longer with us, we would be even more delighted.  ARTOTEL GROUP proposes for our dear customers two offers starting from the 2nd of September up to the 20th of December. It consists of paying two nights and getting one night free or, if you are feeling more adventurous, paying three nights and getting two nights free. 

Moreover, you can benefit from a daily F&B voucher of 50k IDR for a minimum purchase of 200k IDR or other specific benefits depending on the hotel you are staying in.

If you find yourself in de Braga by ARTOTEL, Bandung.

de Braga by ARTOTEL, Bandung,

It is a city known to be a shopping destination with its fashion outlets. Although, if you are more of an adventurous person, you could visit the volcanoes or enjoy a day trip to the nearest treetop where you can reconnect with nature. Without forgetting their famous local delicacies such as Batagor, Soto and many more.

ARTOTEL Thamrin - Jakarta

And for the Jakarta area,

We have just the tips for you to visit our capital city after an extended business trip. As it is the capital, there are many commercial centers where you can reward yourself with some shopping. Furthermore, it is a city that has a very active nightlife; where you can have fun at the nearest bar or experience the karaoke rooms. If you feel exhausted, you can even relax your mind and body, all accessible just around the corner from ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta, Kemang Icon, ARTOTEL Portfolio, Goodrich Suites, ARTOTEL Portfolio, Sutasoma Hotel, ARTOREL Portfolio as well ARTOTEL SUITES Mangkuluhur.


Staying over in Room Inc Semarang or ARTOTEL Gajahmada Semarang

This city is filled with historical sites from the Dutch colonization. You can go visit the “Old city” of Semarang as well as the port and its traditional arts surrounding every bit of the city.

Are you feeling like visiting a more cultural space

Yogyakarta is the best option for you as you can see the renowned Borobudur Temple. A great site filled with history where you can watch the view as the sun rises. For the artists, Yogyakarta is very known for its art sites as well. Worry not; our team from ARTOTEL Yogyakarta will spill all the information. 




If you are staying in ARTOTEL Haniman Ubud – Bali or ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali,

It’s the perfect opportunity to get your diving license or learn how to surf. You can even go to Seminyak and do bungee jumping in the oldest bungee jumping site in Bali.

Convinced yet to stay in one of those cities and partake in all the possible activities?
Visit our website for #StayLongerEvenBetter direct booking.


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