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Starting from the Wall, Darbotz Breaks the International Stage in Mural Art

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Murals or paintings on walls are one of the most enjoyed types of art for young people. One of the mural artists is Darbotz. Some people make murals as part of a professional activity that can generate money, one of them is local mural artists like Darbotz.

Starting From The Walls of Jakarta

Darbotz’s passion for making graffiti started when he wrote his gang’s name in high school. He admitted that he learned to draw by himself. 

It was only when he was in college that he started drawing on the wall. The activity of making murals turned out to be able to give Darbotz his satisfaction. In fact, he feels less comfortable when he doesn’t draw on the street.

Explore Local and International Art Galleries 

Over time, Darbotz’s work became widely known by the art public. Darbotz doesn’t just draw a mural on a wall in the corner of Jakarta. His work began to be noticed by curators and art galleries, both at home and abroad.

One of the domestic art galleries that exhibit Darbotz’s work is Wahana Kala.Kini.Nanti Digital Art Space at Paris van Java (PVJ) mall, Bandung. 

Then, abroad, Darbotz’s works have been exhibited in various international galleries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia, and France.  One of his works was also collected by Mizuma Gallery in Singapore, and In November 2021, he made a mural in Berlin with @snyder_berlin

Collaboration With OPPO

Darbotz’s work does not stop at the walls of Jakarta or art galleries. We can find his work in the products of international brands. This shows that Darbotz’s work is not only accepted by art circles but also by businesses. 

Darbotz collaborated with OPPO to introduce a collaboration with Limited Edition bundling. Limited Edition smartphone products include the OPPO Reno6 Series, OPPO Enco X White, and unique merchandise engraved with Darbotz artwork with the theme #ForgottenEmotion.


ARTOTEL collaborated as well in the past with Darbotz in designing the facade of Artotel Thamrin Jakarta.


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