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Shifting The Art Scene In Every Corner – Art Museums

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Looking for something different this summer? From museum to arts festival, let us recommend you with list of  have what it takes to make your holiday more enjoyable and inspiring.

  1. Museum Macan – JAKARTA

Have you heard about Yayoi Kusuma’s Infinity Mirrored Room? It is now available in Jakarta! Museum Macan is the first modern and contemporary art museum in Jakarta, offering a wide variety of exhibition and public programs. With its popularity, ARTOTEL Wahid Hasyim – Jakarta, ARTOTEL Thamrin – Jakarta, and Goodrich Suites by ARTOTEL provide a staycation package this summer that includes complimentary visit to Museum Macan.

Image Credit: Museum Macan


ARTJOG is now an international contemporary arts festival based in Yogyakarta. They believe that contemporary art is no longer about particular medium. Last year, TULUS was invited to perform at the closing party. And as always, it is surely packed with amazing arts and performance.  With a close distance from the festival,  ARTOTEL Yogyakarta offers a staycation package including visit to ARTJOG and join one of its classes.

Image Credit:ARTJOG

3. Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

Built in 1895 by a Dutch in the city of Semarang.  Now the area is used as a place to showcase works of art from various artists in Indonesia and abroad. The nuances of the past that are in the building of this art gallery are immersive. Worry not about planning a visit there because ARTOTEL Gajahmada – Semarang have staycation package with ART TOUR that include visit to Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery.

Image Credit: Semarang Contemporary Art Gallery

  1. NuArt Sculpture Park

Strategically placed in northern part of Bandung, it exhibits the works of Nyoman Nuarta that spans from the beginning of his career to the latest masterpieces. You can explore the indoor and outdoor art spaces and admire over 200 works. Visiting there have never been easier with de Braga by ARTOTEL, which offers staycation package with ART TOUR to NuArt Sculpture Park.

Image Credit: NuArt Sculpture Park

  1. Museum Angkut

Museum Angkut is a transportation museum at Batu, East Java. With more than 300 collections types of traditional to modern transportation, the museum is divided into several zones decorated with the background of building models from the continents of Asia, Europe to America. The location of the museum is located near ALPINES by ARTOTEL which offers staycation package with ART TOUR to Museum Angkut.

Image Credit: Museum Angkut

  1. I AM BALI – 3D Interactive Art Museum

Bali is not always about beaches and mountains, but there are worthy place to visit as like this out-of-the-box art space. One of the most interactive 3D art museums in Indonesia, it has a collection of over 100 paintings with various themes painted by local Balinese artists. This museum is a perfect place to take unique, instagrammable photos! Don’t forget to go there with ARTOTEL Sanur – Bali that offers staycation package with ART TOUR to I AM BALI – 3D Interactive Art Museum

Image Credit: I AM BALI

  1. The Blanco Renaissance Museum – Ubud

The Blanco museum is a place where you can savor Balinese life in motion, with a visit to the family temple or wandering around in the gardens. In every places, there are touches of Antonio Blanco’s life. The artist’s studio remains undisturbed, the unfinished painting still on the sunken easel. With a walking distance from ARTOTEL Haniman Ubud – Bali, they offers staycation package with ART TOUR to the Blanco Renaissance Museum.

Image Credit: Blanco Renaissance Museum

Ready to pack you bags? 

ARTOTEL Group is back with ART SUMMER CAMP from July 1 to August 31, 2019 by providing stay promotional offers that are coupled with artistic and creative activities throughout ARTOTEL properties located in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Batu, Surabaya and Bali.

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