#dirumahajaYes, we know that you have been at home for the past days, weeks, or even months! Probably you have listened to your favorite podcasts and playlists over and over again and you are not in the mood for some Netflix & Chill. Cooking the same meal day and night and don’t know what to do with half a bottle of wine from last night. To ease up your self-quarantine and social distancing, ARTOTEL Group is here for you. STAY HOME, DINE HOME, SHOP HOME, and PLAY HOME, we are bringing your lifestyle needs to your HOME.



On this STAY HOME, get your smartphones ready for our social media will challenge you some creative content throughout the month. Through our gamification, rest assured we will ease up your self-quarantine and social distancing. We know at this point hour hands are glued to the smartphones, might as well use this time to be a little more creative and show the playful side of you! Stay tuned on our Instagram! Participate and have a great time.




Do you miss that time, calling the restaurant or get them reservation for your table online? Get dressed and playing your playlist on the way for a great evening with family or friends? Looking for the specials at the menu and order it and patiently wait for the good meals! DINE HOME is that nostalgic feeling as we will bring ARTOTEL Group Corporate Chef, Manuel Effendi in front of you, not literally, but almost. Chef Manu will ooze your palate with his signature dish, from how to make it to how to serve it. Not only Chef Manu, ARTOTEL Group Head Mixologist, Benito will also be joining for an intimate drinking session, from Coffee based beverages to easy to make cocktails. Stay tuned on our Youtube Channel to watch the whole video.




Curated things, artsy stuff from ARTOTEL Group. List of recommendations on local products that you can buy, for you or your future you! Kill the virus, not the business, and definitely not the artists.




Check out our Spotify playlist made only for you! Need some mood booster for your evening? or cheeky playlist for your WFH, we’ve got it covered! Coming soon, ODYSSEY LIVE!


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