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Earth Hour 2020

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With the uncertainty of public health crisis due to Corona Virus (COVID-19), the whole world is battling the unknown.

Though some of the countries are currently locking down the access, some still operate like usual, but with extra precautions. Do your best to prevent the spread, wash hands, sanitize it, and social distancing are some of the ways. A new culture such as working from the home, virtual meeting, and postponing studies are rising as trending topics. We are all in this together. We are at the edge of our seats wondering for the update.
One thing for sure! Earth Hour 2020 is coming. The celebration is worldwide on March 28, 2020, all around the world at 8.30 pm, and ARTOTEL is participating! And even with this pandemic, we believe that we can still participate in this.
ARTOTEL Group is back with ”60+60, Let Thomas Rest Longer”, annual Earth Hour campaign, started back in 2017, the whole ARTOTEL is turning down the lights for 120 minutes long. Let Thomas Rest Longer, Thomas referring to Thomas Alfa Edison, the inventor of the light bulb, and Rest Longer, referring the extra 60 minutes we take to turn down the lights. Isn’t he tired after all?
Supporting the worldwide campaign of Earth Hour, ”60+60, Let Thomas Rest Longer” will turn down the lights of every public area in ARTOTEL for 120 minutes and we are advising our guests to do so. For 120 minutes long, during ”60+60, Let Thomas Rest Longer”, guests will be offered our F&B promotions, from big discounts to a la carte menu to buy one get one beverage. All to celebrate Earth Hour 2020!

Not only that, but we are also on the same page with WWF, we pledge our participation and you can too! Click here to find out how! Ps: you will find our CEO, Erastus Radjimin adds a few words. Pledge! Participate! See you in the dark.

And stay safe everyone!


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