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Imparting the Power of Art for the Earth
Billions upon billions of plastic waste are choking our oceans, lakes, rivers and it is causing a pile up on land causing harm to mother nature and wildlife. The use of plastic in our daily lives have changed the world for the worse. While plastic has many valuable uses, we have become addicted to single-use or disposable plastic — with severe environmental consequences. Plastic waste has peaked as a global issue. Our knowledge of plastics and micro plastics and their impact is still very limited. This becomes a heavy burden on the earth considering humans are so dependent on plastic.

ARTOTEL Group and WWF – Indonesia are working together to take action in a social initiative project called ARTOTEL Earth. The aim is to give awareness about the danger of plastic pollution in our oceans. We collaborated with Mulyakarya, a collective artist based in Yogyakarta, to participate in our Artist Residency program to Labuan Bajo, Nusa Tenggara Timur. It is one of the problematic areas with a vastly polluted ocean in Indonesia.  The artists were able to see firsthand the critical situation caused by plastic waste and its long-term effect on the environment. ARTOTEL Earth would like to convey the message through art. Art can give meaning toward humanity’s issues and as a platform to spread the knowledge about the importance to end plastic pollution.

We will automatically donate IDR 10,000 from every room booking between 1 – 30 December to WWF Indonesia. Also, additional donations can be made through purchasing ARTOTEL Earth Comic Strip and artworks by local artists or reusable tote bags using our very own recycled bed linen in collaboration with TRI Upcycle.

ARTOTEL EARTH exhibition is on view throughout all ARTOTEL properties in various cities until end of January 2020.

Follow the journey through #ARTOTELearth on Instagram.

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