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ARTOTEL Clean – Your home cleaning service.

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Need to deep clean your house but don’t have motivation nor time to? Don’t you worry one bit! We offer not only deep cleaning service as an option but sanitation as well! Artotel Clean is here to take care of your beloved home or office.

Imagine you just self-isolated along with your family for covid. Well, no worries, our organization is composed of trained hospitality staff with experience in the housekeeping and sanitation sectors. They also use certified products with MSDS (material safety data sheet) with a green light given by the laboratory tests. 

Location of services comprises areas within Jakarta, and different payment methods are available to facilitate your transaction, such as Credit Card, Bank transfer, or GoPay.

The services we propose are also very affordable, starting with only IDR. 5000 for each square meter. Furthermore, to give you a little idea of how long the process of disinfection takes, for an area of 500 square meters, we would need, give or take 1 hour. During which you could totally leave your trusted home in our hands without feeling anxious if you have a few errands to do. Another otpion is watching a movie or reading a book, next thing you know, your home is perfectly clean and spotless. 

If you are worried about sanitary measures, we are here once again to reassure you as your health is our priority. Our entire staff are vaccinated and undergoes PCR tests regularly. On top of those safety measures taken, they use complete protective equipment such as gloves, masks, caps, and goggles.

We are trying to be of the most help to our clients, including before and after action services. If you have any preliminary questions or remarks, you can reach us via WhatsApp on the following number: 0811 900 49 11.


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Jl. Bunga Mawar No 42 Cipete, Jakarta 12410, INDONESIA

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