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The Heart of Home – Art Exhibition by Ummi Damas

Born in 1995, Ummi Damas graduated from Universitas Negeri Yogyakarta. Since childhood, the imagination of a home through her toys has inspired Ummi to create her works. She found that from a small entity called family, can have a big impact on a child development. She let her imagination to this day. For her, family should be the safest place for a child growing up and be himself or herself while they area embraced by the love from their parents.

Home is becoming a ‘new world’ that has strongly inspired Ummi as her main theme on her works. Home life consist of role and function of each person in it which is very dynamics. Through this exhibition Ummi wanted to show ‘home’ as a symbol of hopes and ideas represented in a naive decorative visual using colour adaptation from Fauvism. This colorful surrealism paintings are illustrating the emotional connection of the artist with her natural reality. Ummi uses a combination of hot and cold colour that are balanced to create a perfect harmony.

Jl. Gajahmada No.101
Semarang 50134
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